Rubriek: Joodse Cultuur
Uitgever: Schocken Books - New York
Bladzijden: 556
ISBN: 0 8052 0836 4
Jaar: 1963
Nr. catalogus: J-jcul-12


Tales and Teachings of the Hasidim
Selected, compiled and arranged by LOUIS I. NEWMAN

Hasidism, the fervent expression of Judaism which arose during the eighteenth century, is practical, ethical mysticism at its highest. It exercises a powerful influence on men and women concerned with spiritual regeneration.

This volume is a lexicon of Hasidic teachings on every conceivable topic. It contains the Hasidic lore of two hundred years — the tales, proverbs and paradoxes through which the Hasidic Masters, the Zaddikim, conveyed their wisdom to their disciples. Drawn in every case from the original Hebrew and Yiddish texts, the succinct sayings gathered here form a striking complement to the more consciously literary compilation of Martin Buber. They transmit directly the holy joyousness of the everyday when it is infused with compassion, justice and love, and the Hasidic teachings on the sacred seasons, on prayer and contemplation. The Introduction by the distinguished rabbi and scholar Louis I. Newman provides an illuminating guide to the history of Hasidism, its doctrines, leaders and literature.