Rubriek: Joodse Cultuur
Uitgever: Weidenfeld and Nicholson, London
Bladzijden: 192
ISBN: 0 297 77092 6
Jaar: 1976
Nr. catalogus: J-jcul-02

Jewish Life in Art and Tradition, built around the collection of Jewish ceremonial art in the Sir Isaac and Lady Edith Wolfson Museum at Hechal Shlomo, Jerusalem, draws upon the curator's extensive knowledge of Jewish custom and tradition and his specialized study of Judaica to convey a comprehensive description of the Jewish life-cycle in a magnificently illustrated volume.
Focusing upon the contents of the collection, Yehuda Bialer has organized this book according to the various Jewish practices and festivities, from the marriage ceremony and the establishment of a new household to the rites and customs surrounding the funeral and mourning, as well as the cycle of the Jewish year. Combining his investigation of the various ritual objects preserved in the museum with a colourful explanation of the customs in which they fulfil a role, he has created a portrait of the Jewish cultural heritage in its fullest sense. In describing the various ritual ceremonies that have helped to keep the Jewish people intact over the centuries, this book also highlights the unequalled variety embodied in the range of Jewish tradition, illustrating it with objects from Poland to Yemen, northern Europe to North Africa, inevitably reflecting the unique counterpoint of change in tastes played out against the background of constancy in faith and practice. Most important of all, the volume as a whole is an impressive testimony to how deeply Jewish art is grounded in the daily rounds of Jewish life, showing that the creative impulse has always been firmly tied to the home and the family, the synagogue and the community, and that the patrons of Jewish art were the people — the patrons of Jewish life.

192 pages with 48 pages in full colour and over 200 black-and-white photos

Trefwoorden: kunst   cultuur   traditie