Rubriek: Israël
Uitgever: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Bladzijden: 233
ISBN: 374 5 0740 6
Jaar: 1971
Nr. catalogus: IS-12

ISRAEL: An Echo of Eternity

This is Dr. Heschel's book about the past, present, and future home of the Jews. "This is the city of David," Dr. Heschel writes of Jerusalem, "not of, Titus the Roman emperor, or of Godfrey  of Bouillon the Crusader, or of Saladin. The descendants of Titus, of Godfrey, and of Saladin never fasted, never mourned for her. Jerusalem was not a part of their soul...."

According to Dr. Heschel, the presence of Israel has tremendous historical and religious significance, not only for the Jews but for the whole world. He reminds us that there would be no Bethlehem, no Christian world, if Israel had belonged only to the Romans, Turks, Arabs and other conquerors. He does not try to separate history and religion: "History is not always made by men alone.... Israel is a personal challenge, a personal religious issue. We are God's stake in human history. We are the dawn and the dusk, the challenge and the test. The presence of Israel is the repudiation of despair. Israel calls for a renewal of trust in the Lord of history."

Dr. Heschel is Professor of Ethics and Mysticism at the JewishTheological Seminary of America.

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